旗下公司Subsidiary company


Shanghai Orient Auto Magazine Co., Ltd.


In September 1992, the birth of Orient Auto announced the start of Shanghai Orient Auto Magazine Co., Ltd. For over two decades, the magazine continually improves in the rapidly changing age, achieves brilliant successes and also expands the magazines focusing on automobile: namely the up-to-date and aggressive Automobile & Parts; the first professional automobile DM magazine of China, Fast Lane; Refitter, highlight on new bright points of the auto industry; and The Volkswagen Club for the drivers of Shanghai Volkswagen, which shows the latest, coolest and most interesting club activities, drivers’ stories and pop culture, so that the Orient Auto can occupies a prominent place in the automotive industry.

Design is the soul of the car. With the growing influence of Orient Auto, in 2007, it initiated the election of Oriental Auto Design Award in the field of automobile design for the first time among all automobile media of China. In 2014, the magazine formed a powerful combination with the leading Chinese auto industry base – Anting · Shanghai International Automobile City and the top higher education institution to cultivate automobile talents of China —— School of Automotive Studies, Tongji University, to jointly sponsor “China·Anting 2014 Automotive Design Conference” and start the election of “2014 Oriental Auto Design Award”.

Despite many voices lamenting the decline of the traditional media, the Orient Auto magazine always believe that innovation and aggressiveness will surely secure a bright prospect for the print media.