旗下公司Subsidiary company


Yudao Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.


The TV media has been always an essential part of the enterprise brand communication, and the brand-titled programs become a domain on which many great brands compete to set foot. Yudao Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. (“Yudao Culture”) took full advantage of many years’ experiences in shooting and shot many wonderful vehicle-related TV programs such as Real People Show, Travel etc, including the “Happiness of Seven Sisters” featuring Chevrolet Captiva, “Let’s Go, Master”, “Across Asia” and “A New Interpretation of Buick” Lavida, “We Are on the Road” Cadillac, “Youth on Wheels” Encore, “True Face” Gran Santana, “This Week I Disappear” POLO, “Finding Same Birthday” Trax, and “Across China” ENVISION, and earned trust and praise from many great brands. In the meanwhile, each shooting brings a new experience to Yudao Culture, and its technologies are increasingly improved and perfected. And the brands also promote themselves in the process of fabrication and communication of the programs above.

The journey is going on, and Yudao Culture keeps advancing. Where the vehicles drive, Yudao Culture is there. Yudao Culture will create more value for auto brands.