旗下公司Subsidiary company
Shanghai DM Digital Workshop Co., Ltd.


This is an all-new, interactive, fragmented era, changing every minute. The digital media, digital application and digital life have come into every corner of our lives, and such developments as community relationship, mobile network, electronic commerce, internet-based financing, intelligent furniture, wearable devices, online music, application navigation, travel in company, digital retrieval and car networking are at any moment challenging our traditional thinking and industry modes, and changing our traditional commercial logics. Therefore, our brands and products must advance with times in terms of content innovation, networking and trading mode.

It is lucky for DM Digital to exist in such an era. We will use the thinking mode of “Internet +” to assist our brand customers or even the customers from the industries (tourist industry, automobile manufacturers and internet-based financial innovation enterprises) in building and changing the mode of communication with the users, interactively social mode and trading innovation mode.