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Yellow Mountain Plum Garden

As a sunrise industry, the tourist industry has a broad prospect for market development. It can not only increase economic benefits but also produce employment opportunities, thus with obvious social effect. The tourist industry as a green industry may reduce pollution and promote environmental protection. Thus, the project will be created into an international travel and leisure resort focusing on Anhui culture and plum implantation and integrating such special services as travel, leisure, recuperation and exhibition.

Yellow Mountain Plum Garden introduces the external plum blossoms, and implants rare plum trees. The planted area reaches over 200 mu. It will become the first travel and leisure resort with plum blossom as the theme. Besides, it will build Anhui Culture House, where Anhui culture will be displayed in 3D and 4D form. In this way, Anhui City will become an international tourist city featuring natural scenes and Anhui culture. In the garden there will also be a studio, tea room, theatre, photographic works show room and plum blossom works show room.

The garden building will change the poor state of travel infrastructure in Yellow Mountain City, alleviate the conflict between the great increase in tourists and the insufficient reception capability, and drive and promote the development of the tourist industry. Besides, it will serve as the model for socialist new rural construction, produce positive social benefit, drive and promote the development of the related industries, optimize the industry structure, improve the employment rate, and contribute to the inheritance and development of Anhui culture and plum blossom spirit.

When finished, the garden will surely become a beautiful garden attracting lots of tourists. Here, you can feel the nature’s beauty, receives cultural edification, and enjoy a better life.