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Director (1)

Place of Work:Shanghai

Job Description:

to be responsible for creativity, planning and execution of TV program.

Post Requirements:

bachelor's degree of TV editing or directing specialty or above. Be familiar with automobile, taking an active interest in automobile industry, and having over five years’ working experiences in the industry.

Graphic Design Director(1)

Place of Work:Shanghai

Job Description: 

1. To formulate the graphic and cartoon production related standards, and create and innovate the related procedures;

2. To design and produce arts for the company’s advertising promotion, and design and produce the projects related electronic promotion materials, webpage arts, promotion advertisings etc;

3. To have the ability to understand and master the commercial design and modern design, and join and lead the team to finish the creative design projects;

4. To perform other tasks related to art design.

Post Requirements: 

1. Having received the education relating to art design and fine arts;

2. Having the sound artistic foundation and great creative design capability, being proficient in all kinds of graphic design software, having good design skills, being active in thinking, and being good at innovation;

3. Having over three years’ working experiences in art design for IT industry like software interface design, website design, graphic design etc (within three years’ experiences for excellent candidates);

4. Having the good team awareness, strong sense of responsibility and great executive ability, and being able to acquire a deep understanding of the projects, assign the workers well, maximize the working efficiency, and fulfill the company’s yearly and quarterly working goals;

5. Being familiar with the typesetting, printing and post processing procedures.


Place of Work:Shanghai

Job Description:

1. To plan the mode of presentation of TV programs, write scripts and make programs;

2. To direct, preside over, plan and follow up the post making of TV programs; 

3. To support the company’s all kinds of regular open-air shooting.

Post Requirements:

1. Bachelor's degree of radio & TV, media, film & television, newspaper advertising or other related specialty or above (lower degree for excellent candidates);

2. Having an excellent command of language and great innovation ability, being good at writing dramas for advertisements and special topic programs, and having great executive ability;

3. Being familiar with the planning, stage direction, post editing and related overall planning, and taking an active interest in literature and arts;

4. Having a sound artistic culture, and being able to control the programs’ overall artistic quality;

5. Loving the film, TV and media industry, being able to bear some working pressure, and publishing the works;

6. Priority to be given to those candidates having over two years’ working experiences in TV program editing and directing.

Market Promotion Commissioner (1)

Place of Work:Shanghai

Post Requirements: 

male or female; taking an active interest in cars and luxuries, having strong market development ability and business expansion ability, having great ability of language expression, and being diligent, devoted, practical and enterprising.

Driver & Car Tester(1)

Place of Work:Shanghai

Post Requirements: 

male; driving license class: C1; being capable of both manual and automatic transmission, having five or more years’ driving experiences, aged 28~45, place of domicile being Shanghai, senior high school or above (priority to be given to those candidates living near Hongqiao Development Zone or who are married or who are demobilized soldiers).

The applicant is kindly required to indicate the post in the resume, and send the resume (together with recent photo, ID card copy and academic certificate) to the following address:
To:Shanghai Meiqing Media Group Co., Ltd.
Add:R1908, Building A, Far East International Square, No.319, Xianxia Road, Shanghai
Postal Code:200051
+86-21-62350690, 62351533